Informed Consent

Version. 1.0. March 2020, Leiden

Touchscreen behaviour and brain functions across the lifespan

Location. Cognitive Psychology Unit, Leiden University

About the study

This study uses methods from behavioural sciences. It attempts to understand how smartphone behaviour fluctuates across the life span – as we undergo normal aging.

Estimation of your time investment

Online experiments: 15 minutes per month for 3 years. Background smartphone App: 10 min to install, and launch the App every few days to ensure it is still working. EEG experiments [optional]: 4 hours per year for 3 years.

What you are expected to do

In this study, you commit to installing a behaviour tracking App on your smartphone (you may additionally install the App on your tablet) for the period of the study (3 years). You commit to keeping the research team informed if you are unable to fulfil any of the scheduled or recommended tests (online or in the laboratory).

Your reward

If you choose to be paid for participation

and if we have explicitly confirmed payment via email,

you will be compensated at the rate of 3.50 EUR per 30 min to a maximum of 80 EUR for online experiments. If you participate in both online and brain (EEG) experiments then the maximum compensation is 170 EUR at the end of the three years. You can annually receive your compensation, however you must provide us with your bank details, full name and address and live in the Netherlands.

Name of the investigator and contact details

Arko Ghosh, Cognitive Psychology Unit.